What’s coming to JAGC! And new volenteer rules.

Hello all!

Just a Game Con is just around the corner.  And we’ve had quite a few RPGs (roll playing games to some) decide to play this time.  GM (Game Master) Will is hosting Vampire The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition, and several of our in house DM will be running 5th ed. Dungeons and Dragons expiditions.  All these games ask you bring a pencil and dice to play but they are not required to have a good time.

Andrew will be showing you the fun of being a Greedy Greedy Goblin, Courtney will teaching the ins and outs of Trailer Park Wars, and Damon is back to teach the DC DeckBuilder game!  Also Erin of the Feathered Hat will be there with her extensive set of Demo Games.  These are only some of the games available for demonstration.

Eric will once again have his collection of movies and tv shows available for sale and many other gaming/geek items for sale.

Check out the Miniatures games of  Warhammer 40k Age and Star Wars X-Wing as they battle to see who rules the land and space (tournements are seperate not comibined).

Thanks for playing,