Weekly Update! (1/24/18)

Happy Wednesday Gamers!

This week has been pretty eventful! We have two demos that are on the schedule for JAGC#29 (Schedule of Events), and many more in the process of being added. This year I’ve received lots of interest in running tournaments, everything from Klask to Pandemic! Hopefully I’ll have more information for you soon.

The Magic Prerelease is looking like it can draw a lot of people between good timing and good content, and you can find me teaching people how to play in the week leading up to it. More info to come.

We’re about to put together some flyers for Just A Game Con #29. Please let me know if you’d like any!

Lastly for this week, I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support, our local gaming community is amazing.

next JAGC#29 Meeting: Feb 13 @ Matt’s Cavalcade Of Comics 7:00pm • Open to all


Thank you ♥

– Kylie