Almost Here!

So I know I’ve been terrible about up dating and due to RL I’m giving up on running the next con please contact us if you’re interested in taking a stab at it!

On to what you really want to know!  The Schedule of events except for D&D is up because Ieft the paperwork at home (my back pack died).  I’ll update it tonight when I get home.

Hope to see you all tomorrow.

Thanks for playing,


Hello All!

I love that so many of you are coming to me wanting to demo your game. However if you could please follow this link to the sign up page, fill it out and send it in it would be very helpful for keeping me organized.

Thanks for Playin’!

Just a Game Con 27 update!

Hello All!

Long time no update. The time has simply flown.

A short update on what’s confirmed; Magic the
Gathering EDH/Commander, Warhammer/Hordes Tournament, and Blood Bowl (pre-sign up highly recommended).

I would like someone to run a Mysterium demo (there will be prizes) and some of our newer small games.

Reminder to get in free if you are NOT demo-ing a game you need to do 5 hours of volunteering.

I will need 1 person to help pack the games and 2 to help with set up. Also an undisclosed number to put out fliers.

Please email me at or to volunteer.

Hope to see you all there,


Just A Game Convention #26 is done #27 dates picked.

A big Thank you to all who helped!  I hope you had a great time.

The dates for the next JAGC have been picked and are April 8th and 9th.

If you’re interested in volenteering please contact me sooner than later.  As was apparent this con I am simply too busy to do it justice.  I can be reached at

Once again thanks to all,


Registration for tables is now CLOSED!

Hello All!

Due to my getting everything packed for this weekend I won’t have time and honestly don’t have room for more tables.  We have 10 Demo tables and, two Tournaments running over the two days.  And also open tables for people to pick games from the DEMO library to play.

Below are only some of the games available.

Hope to see you there!


Game Schedule up and running!

Hello all!

The daily Schedule is up and running look at a visual here Schedule of Events.

I’ve very excited to have all our wonderful Gamer Volunteers representing their favorite games.

We brought back some wonderful door prizes from GAMA.  Also Looney Labs has donated some games and we will be having a sale on the used games details to follow.

4 days and counting down!

See you all soon!

Closing in on JAGC 25

As the week counts down I’m getting more and more excited to see how JAGC25 shapes up. As always we’ll be doing some set up Friday and could use some help. Please contact me at to volunteer. Thanks

Warhammer40K At JAG

Hello All,

I have the details for the Warhammer 40K event at this Spring’s JAG.  It will be Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entry will be $15 (this includes the entry for JAG) a percent of it will go toward the prize.  4 round ITC format, 1850 pts.  And adding $4 will get you entry for Sunday when you aren’t busy with Warhammer.  This will cap at 20 players so get signed up soon.

Sign up is at Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, located at 2075 NW Buchanan Ave. Corvallis, OR 97330 or online.  I’ll be adding the link as soon as I get it from Justice.

Save the DATE! Just a Game Con #25 April 16th and 17th 2016

Hello All!

JAG Con is coming up quick.  And we are looking for volunteers to demo games to participants. If you’d like to you demonstrate your favorite game, a game you’re developing or run a specific event please e-mail the convention staff at

If there is a game you’d like to see Demo-ed but don’t feel you could do justice to please let us know and we’ll try to have one of the volunteers show it.

Thank you for your continued support  in making this a fun event for all.

JAG Convention Staff