Madness Demo

madness_logo2The MADNESS is spreading! A new virus, nicknamed “Madness”, is turning the population into bloodthirsty zombies! Help find the antidote to the Madness virus before it’s too late in this fast and fun card game for 2 or 4 players (ages 13+).

Madness is currently being kickstarted and is almost to its goal! Come check it out this weekend and help them reach their goal before it’s too late!

Magic: The Gathering at Just a Game Con!

At Just a Game Con, we will be running Magic events whenever we have enough people looking to get started. The prices and formats will vary based on player input, and if you have a specific event you would like to see, make sure to talk to the Event Coordinator to get things set up!

Drafts ~$16 Minimum of 4 players

Mini-Masters ~$4 Minimum of 4 players

Win-a-Box $10 Buy-In, Minimum 10 players

Commander ~$4 Minimum of 4 players

If you have questions about Magic events, please contact the Event Coordinator…

Derald Wooten Jr.

Passport Game Studios

passportPassport Game Studios, who brought us games like Trajan, Soccero, and Castaways will be on hand to demo their wares again this year.

Their newest offerings will be Quantum, Tokaido Crossroads, Dungeon Raiders, Exodus, Big Idea and Illusio.

Check out their complete line of products here.

X-Men Arcade, Heroclix Style!

arcade clixRemember that GIANT 2 monitor X-Men Arcade game from the early 90′s? The one where you and your 5 closest friends could beat up Magneto (The Master of Magnets) and all the rest of the Brotherhood of Mutants? Well we are bringing that to you in Heroclix form.

Pummel hordes of Sentinels as you stop the Brotherhood from taking over the world. Even if you’ve never played Heroclix, X-Men Arcade will be easy to learn. Jump in and out cooperative gameplay, but make sure to brings lots of quarters (seriously!) and beat the game and get cool prizes.

Last game con our players narrowly defeated Juggernaut aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier on Level 2. Join us for the final 2 levels, featuring the Hellfire Club and Asteroid M!